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Ena Njideka


Htp and Greetings!  I was born and raised in Indianapolis, In.  I spent my “Conscious Formative” years on the east coast, primarily in Washington DC, while attending Howard University, being exposed to many of our great thinkers and do-ers, such as Nana Kwame Ture, Nana Frances Cress Welsing, Nana John Henrik Clarke and many more.  I am a Freeschooling Mother to my 16-yr old daughter. My worldview / politics is solidly Afrikan-Centered. I am the Founder, Guardian Director and Instructor of Fawohodie Sua. I have been an independent educator for over 20 years. I am a Sovereignty-seeking / Sustainable-living proponent, working towards repatriation to Afrika in the near future, where I will live, learn, teach and build in a sustainable, ‘organically grown’ community. 

Ɛna Njideka


Ph: #317-435-6417

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