DIO: Do It Ourselves! -Part 1

Taught by Ɛna Njideka

DIO Part 1 will directly address our Collective's primary Sovereignty mission and objectives!  So profound and ourstorically complex, but yet, "Doing it Ourselves" is quite DO-ABLE and can be made simple.   Each week, our Students, ages 7 & up, will create  items to utilize for the benefit of Themselves, their Family and Afrikan Community. Students will persistently ask, "Is my product truly beneficial to my people?". Through individual and group projects, Students will be taught to "RE-USE, RE-CYCLE & RE-CONNECT", eliminating wastefulness and promoting a stronger connection with the Afrikan community and Asase Yaa (Mother Earth).  Throughout the course, we will also explore broader political, economic & survival concepts for Afrikan people.

DIO Part 2 continues to build fundamental skills and strengthen the awareness of political, economic, environmental and survival concepts connected to the goal of Afrikan Sovereignty.


***DIO Part 1 is not a prerequisite for Part 2.

Recommended ages: 7-17

     Each Course will consist of classes twice a week are 5 weeks (10 classes total). Classes begin Monday, May18, 2020. 

Part 1: Mondays  10am-11:30am EST

                   Wednesdays  10am-11:30am EST

Offered Session I  

Part 2: Mondays  1pm-2:30am EST

                  Wednesdays  1pm-2:30pm EST

Offered Session II

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