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Who we are & What we do​

Akuɔba / Akwaaba (Welcome) to the Fawohodiesua Pan-Afrikan Educational Online Classes Institute. "Fawohodie" is from the Twi language of the Akan People in Ghana, West Afrika, and it means- "independence, liberation". "Sua", also Twi, translates to "Learn, to learn". We are an Afrikan-centered educational institution of independent Afrikan instructors and determined Families who have come together to provide quality, affordable classes for our global Afrikan community by way of the internet. 


Our objectives are to connect like-minded Afrikan-centered homeschooling families, local co-operatives, or independent schools from anywhere from around the world with outstanding, relevant classes which will elevate our students to the highest level of proficiency ensuring maximum production in the Afrikan World Community achieving this by our shared values and on our own other words- contributing to cultivate Builders for an united Sovereign Nation.


This website is also the home of our ADESUA AKURAA, which is a virtual "Edu-Village" whose primary goals are to provide support, resource information and a means for networking, sharing, learning and working together with other like-minded freeschooling Afrikan families and educators.

                                             About the Guardian Director; Ɛna Njideka Karmo                   








Htp, Mekyea mo, Greetings! I am a Pan-Afrikan Nationalist educator and committed Mother.  I spent my “conscious-raising”, formative years on the east coast of the U.S., primarily in Washington DC, while completing my degree at Howard University.  I was exposed to many of our great thinkers and do-ers of the day, such as Nana Kwame Ture, Nana Dr. Frances Cress Welsing,Nana John Henrik Clarke, Nana Yosef Ben-Jochannan, and many more. In 2012, I founded Fawohodiesua Pan-Afrikan Educational Online  Classes Institute as a means to connect like-minded  families with Afrikan-centered classes and instructors.  I have been teaching  students for over 30 years and have received multiple awards recognizing my work and commitment. My primary education objectives for our Youth is to create the knowledge base, skillsets and genuine respect for the Motherland in order for them to return and create the united, sovereign nation we so urgently need.   In October of 2020, I left the plantation and returned home to our Motherland.  

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