It is imperative for our Children to strongly reconnect to the Motherland to the point where they will put their energies, resources and even physical presence back into Africa.  This 4-part online course seeks to share the past and present realities of Africa with our Youth to encourage them to accept the challenge of building and securing our unified sovereign nation. 

We are very excited to offer our Let’s Explore! Fieldtrips throughout Ghana!  

Mondays, beginning May 10, 2021
11am ET / 3pm GMT,  Classes run 90 min.
Ages 8-15

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Motherland Immersion Part 1 Focus Areas

  • Ourstory

  • Geography (Continent)

  • Basic Twi language

  • Cultural Focus: Indigenous Spiritual Practice (Akan)

  • Let’s Explore! Aburi Botanical Gardens, Akan Ɔkomfo Innerview, Atlantic Ocean & more!

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Motherland Immersion Part 2 Focus Areas

  • Geography (Ghana)

  • Introductory Twi language 

  • Cultural Focus: Afrikan food /  Agriculture / Traditional Herbs

  • Let’s Explore! Ghana Organic Farms, Centre for Plant Medicine Research,
    Madina Traditional Marketplace, LIVE Traditional Ghanaian Food Preparation

Motherland Immersion Part 3 Focus Areas

  • Cultural Focus: Cultural Arts: Afrikan Dance, Drum, and Music (Traditional & Contemporary),

  • Infrastructure: Traditional/Eco-homes/Architecture, Roads/Transportation/Airport 

  • Let’s Explore! Community Traditional Drum & Dance, The National Art Centre, 
    Kweku Andoh Sustainability Institute (KASI) and more!

Motherland Immersion Part 4 Focus Areas

  • Cultural Focus: Political System - General political structure, Secret Societies

  • Afrikan Children: Education/Schools, Girls-Boys Rites, Youth-based Initiatives 

  • Repatriation Checklist for Youth 

  • Let’s Explore! Ancestral Wall in Pram Pram, National Museum of Ghana, Golden Jubilee House (Presidential Palace), Kwame Nkrumah Memorial & more!