Part 1 Syllabus and Materials


-------1 WEEK BREAK--------

Week 1:  Introductions, Defining DIO Village, Sovereignty and Infrastructure, Identifying Basic
                Needs    Project: Constructing a Class Supply Organizer (DIO Box)


Week 2:  Project Review, Review Sovereignty / Infrastructure, Intro to Afrikan Basic & Secondary
                 needs, Making the connection between personal & communal needs

Week 3:  Review Afrikan Needs, Introduction to Basic Sewing Skills.  Project: Transforming our
                 Everyday clothes (T-shirt)

Week 4:  Project Review, Surviving Natural/Man-made Disasters.  Project: Create a “24 hour bag”

Week 5:  Project Review, Midterm Test


Week 6:  Hazards in personal care products.  Project: Making Your Own Family Toothpaste

Week 7:  Identifying Toxic chemicals in household products.  Project: Making All-Natural All
                 Purpose Cleaner


Week 8:  Review, Concepts of Community, Defining Ma'at principle: Reciprocity, Intro to Bartering

Week 9:  Organizing for the Marketplace, preparing products for sale & shipping

Week 10:  Group Presentation of products in class & to our Fawohodie Marketplace that evening



Required Materials information will be communicated at least 1 week prior to project due date

All supplies will be inexpensive household items


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