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Mwalimu Profile

Yaw Àgbẹ̀dẹ

Yaw Àgbẹ̀dẹ is an environmental and water resources engineering
professional and a visionary educator who is committed to using his
skills and expertise towards empowering Afrikan communities to
survive and thrive through the sustainable use of indigenous
Afrikan technical knowledge. He has multi-disciplinary technical
experience in watershed master planning including stream
stabilization, stormwater best management practices (BMP) and
green infrastructure design, flood hazard assessment and planning,
as well as hydrologic and hydraulic modeling He also possesses a
strong background in the sustainable design and construction of
water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Born in Augusta, Georgia, Àgbẹ̀dẹ is the child of OC Boyd, Jr. and Mary (Parks) Walker, and the grandchild of Mary (Reese) Parks, William Parks, Dorothy (Fleming) Boyd, and OC Boyd, Sr. Àgbẹ̀dẹ attended Georgia's top-ranked John S. Davidson Fine Arts high school where he studied photography, percussion, and other visual arts. Upon graduation from high school, seeking balance for his artfocused secondary education, he enrolled in the Georgia Institute of Technology, graduating with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering focusing on water resources engineering.

After managing to escape from college with his Afrikan mind still intact, he served as an educatorat several independent, Afrikan-centered schools in the Atlanta, Georgia area including AkobɛnInstitute, Pearl Academy Math and Science Institute, Roots to Fruits and others where he taught Afrikan-centered mathematics, engineering and science as well as physical education, survival skills,Afrikan languages, and automotive repair. Additionally, he has taught Afrikan students at the public school level in the Fulton County and Atlanta Public School systems and served students on an administrative level at Paine College.


Àgbẹ̀dẹ also holds technical degrees in Automotive Technology, and as an Emergency Medical Technician with additional certifications in the Design and Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems and Wilderness First Response. He is also an initiated Full Instructor of the Afrikan Combat Art Ẹgbẹ́ Ògún. Àgbẹ̀dẹ speaks and studies several Afrikan languages including: Akan/Twi, Yorùbá, and Kikôngo. He is currently in the process of building an off-grid, sustainable homestead in the Bɔno-Ahafo region of Ghana with his supportive wife, Yaa Ɔdɔyɛfɛ, and his two sons, Kwabena Nzûndu and Kiyala Orímolóyè. Àgbẹ̀dẹ is the owner of NKALA Environmental- an engineering and educational consulting firm specializing in reality construction for Afrikan communities. 


NKALA Educational Services

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