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Week 1. The Preview The process and research undertaken to write “The Destruction of Black Civilization”


Week 2. Chapter XII A View from the Bridge, what does this our-storical recording of the Afrikan past conclude. about the state of Afrika and her People.


Week 3. Chapter XV The Master Plan, What does Chancellor Williams recommend our action should be after reading this book.


Week 4. Chapter I The Overview, A look at the state of Afrika when the maafa was set in motion and what influenced it.


Week 5. Chapter III “The Rise and Fall of Black Civilization”, a review of this period.


Week 6. Chapter IV & V Afrika’s New Borderline and Those that carried on.


Week 7. chapter VI &VII The Afrikan Constitution: Birth of Democracy and The Routes to Death and Resurrection.


Week 8. Chapter VIII and IX Case Study of States and the Kingdom of Kuba


Week 9. Chapter X White Devils from the West.The invasion of the portuguese and the destruction that followed.


Week 10. Chapter XI The Last of the Black Empires.How many times has this been Ourstory? How will it happen again?


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