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Ɛna Njideka


Htp, mekyea mo, Greetings!  I spent my “conscious”, formative years on the east coast, primarily in Washington DC, while completing my degree at Howard University.  I was exposed to many of our great thinkers and do-ers of the day, such as Nana Kwame Ture, Nana Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and Nana John Henrik Clarke, and I was greatly influenced by the “Afrocentric” writings of the 80's by scholars such as Dr. Molefi Kete Asante.  After returning to Indianapolis, I established workshops and classes that promoted Afrikan cultural awareness and empowerment. In 2012, I founded Fawohodie Sua Pan-Afrikan Educational Online  School as a means for my daughter and other families to access more Afrikan-centered instruction.  I have been teaching  students for over 30 years and have received multiple awards recognizing my work and commitment. I enjoy graphic designing, and am passionate about Afrikan dance, music and culture and often incorporate this into my curriculum. In October of 2020, I moved to Ghana.  


Contact info for Ɛna Njideka


Ph: +233 20 473 8268

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