Into Wombmanhood

Level 1

Syllabus and Materials



  • CLASS 1: Opening Ritual, Holistically Describing Puberty, Reproductive System Anatomy,

  • CLASS 2: Opening Ritual, Reproductive System Anatomy continued, Recognizing Pre-Menarche Signs, Pre-"Moon Cycle" Signs, Begin Reading From "Malia's Magnificent Moontime: A Holistic Guide to Menstrual Self-Care "

  • CLASS 3: Breathing Exercises,  Menstruation review,  Moon Charting review/Apps, Mbogboni
                   Mende Culture


  • CLASS 4: Breathing Exercises, Mbogboni/Mende Culture, Mama Menarche Stories, 
                    "Innerstanding our Connections", Moon Phases-Moon Cycles cont'd


  • CLASS 5: Opening Ritual, Our Connections cont'd, Establishing Healthy Relationships/
                    Opening Communications with our Fathers, Brothers.


  • CLASS 6: Libations, Nutritional Importance, Yoni Hygiene Care, Facial Regimen 
    Project: Facial Scrub

  • CLASS 7: Guided Meditation, Pros & Cons of Menstrual Products, Cloth Pad Construction
    Project: Making Cloth Pads

  • CLASS 8: Deep Breathing, Making Herbal Tea/Infusions    Project: Making Custom Tea Blend

  • CLASS 9: Yoga Stretching, Planning Your "Afahyɛ Kɔkɔɔ " (Red Celebration)

  • CLASS 10: Wombman Ritual, Final Assignment, Personal Care Presentations, Mother's Gift
                      presentation to Daughter 



  • A notebook for taking notes and journaling

  • Suggested: Purchase "Malia's Magnificent Moontime: A Holistic Guide to Menstrual Self-Care "


  • All study material will be supplied by Instructor

  • Materials for all projects will be announced in class

Into Wombmanhood

Level 2

Syllabus and Materials


  • CLASS 1: Sisterhood Reconnections, Review of Basic Female Reproductive
                    Anatomy/Physiology, Menstrual Cycle, Universal Womb Connections


  • CLASS 2: Hormones and Glands, Recognizing Cervical Mucus changes

  • CLASS 3: Nutrition & Lifestyle Upgrades, Digestive System Review

  • CLASS 4: Your Microbiome and Its Influence on You


  • CLASS 5: Facilitating a Closer Relationship...WITH SPIRIT :
                     Ɔbaa (Woman) /Ancestral Altars, Rituals, Meditation


  • CLASS 6: Nature Connections/Benefits

  • CLASS 7: Facilitating a Closer Relationship: WITH SELF :
                     Studying Historical & Current Culprits of negative Self-imagery & their damaging
                     impacts.  Creating a healthy Self-esteem. Solidifying Identity via reviewing "
                     grade" Expectations & "Asafo Women Characteristics" 


  • CLASS 8: Facilitating a stronger understanding of our Afrikan Young Brothers, 
                     Identifying Asafo (Warrior) Male characteristics, Holistically Understanding                             New Feelings & Thoughts toward yo
    ung Afrikan Males

  • CLASS 9: Understanding/Embracing Complementarity, Afrikan-Centered Protocol for Early
                     Relationships (a discussion including Mamas), 
    Vision Board benefits

  • CLASS 10: Final Assignment Presentations 



  • A notebook for taking notes and journaling

  • Optional: Purchase "Sacred Woman": A Guide to Healing the Feminine body, Mind, and Spirit- Queen Afua

  • Study material will be supplied by Instructor

Into Wombmanhood

Level 3

Syllabus and Materials


  • CLASS 1: Opening Ritual, Introductions (Daughters & Mothers), Level 1 & Level 2 Lessons Review
                     Assignment: Complete 


  • CLASS 2: Libation, Nutrition Reset: Fasting/Detoxing/Purification Benefits
    Project: Detox/Fasting Journey, Journal experience

  • CLASS 3: Nutrition Reset: Plant-based Nutrition Boosting, Recipes Shared
                     Reconceptualizing Water
    Project: Create Plant-based meals 


  • CLASS 4: Altar Work, Nature Work
    Project: Construct/Maintain Altar, 6-hour Outdoor Challenge



  • CLASS 5: Female Reproductive Anatomy-Physiology, Menstrual Cycle, Menstrual/Ovulation Cycle 
                     Tracking   Assignment: Hand-draw Charts   


  • CLASS 6: Male Reproductive Anatomy-Physiology, Recognizing & Supporting Asafo Characteristics
                     Assignment: Hand-draw Charts


  • CLASS 7: Establishing Foundational Friendships with Asafo Warriors-in-Training, Stages/Rules                         of Dating   
    Assignment: Roleplaying,  Group Discussion

  • CLASS 8: Introduction to the Sacred Union (Holistic perspective), Fertilization process,                                        Contraceptives Review

  • CLASS 9: LIVEit/DIEt Check-in, Open Discussion with Wise Wombmen

  • CLASS 10: Final Assignments

The following will be Class Constants:

  • In-Class Input from the Mothers of the Students

  • Spirituality - Rituals 

  • Afrikan-Centered concepts

  • The use of Afrikan language (primarily Twi (Akan) 

  • LIVEit (Diet) Monitoring (with Group Support)

  • Journaling



  • A notebook for taking notes

  • Personal Journal

  • Study material will be supplied by Instructor


Passages from the following books will be provided to Students for assignment reading.

(Purchase is optional, but recommended):

  • Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit (Queen Afua)

  • African Holistic Health (Llaila O. Afrika)

  • Recipes For Elevation (Ra Sekhi Arts Temple)

  • Self-Healing Power and Therapy: Old Teachings From Africa (Kimbwandende Fu-Kiau)

  • The Way of the Elders: West African Spirituality & Traditions (Adama & Naomi Doumbia)

  • Complementarity (Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti)