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Black Science Fiction:

Imagining Afrikan Sovereignty

Syllabus and Materials


Week 1

Critical/Creative/Centered Thinking Exercise

Situation: We are at war. Europeans and Asians have established themselves as “world powers” in large part because they have stolen and continue to steal resources from Afrika. They have proven time and time again that Afrikans and Europeans cannot co-exist. Asians, specifically the Chinese, have been buying land in Afrika, increasing their presence and influence.  As Baba Kamau Kambon has stated: “They have to be terminated.”

Question: What kind of military technology must Afrikans create to destroy not only Yurugu but all enemies of the Sankofa Nation?

Concept: Melanin Bomb

How it works: The Melanin bomb works by releasing specific types of “light particles” that attack people who are Melanin deficient. The “light particles” can be delivered using a variety of methods: flashlight type devises, light post installed throughout cities that will kill all non-Afrikans within a specified vicinity, laser beams shot from satellites orbiting the Earth. Think “light guns.”

Allow students time to respond with their thoughts on the concept then give students 5 minutes to write journal entries exploring their own ideas followed by group discussion.


Homework: Read chapters 1-3. Journal thoughts.


Week 2

Discuss chapters 1-3.


Critical/Creative/Centered Thinking Exercise

Situation: The Dogon of Mali are known to have been aware of certain star constellations and other space phenomena before the advent of “modern technology.” Our ancestors in Kemet also built the pyramids according to the stars.  Clearly our ancestors had a relationship with the stars that influenced their cosmologies.


Question: What would the purpose of a Pan Afrikan Space Agency (i.e. PAST: Pan Afrikan Space Technologies) be if it were based on an Afrikan cosmology like the Dogon, Kemet, or the Bantu Congo, kwk?

Homework: Read Chapters 4-6. Continue work on cosmology question. Journal thoughts.


Week 3

Critical/Creative/Centered Thinking Exercise

Situation: The idea of traveling to distant worlds is a common theme in Science Fiction. NASA and other space agencies have sent probes and satellites to most of the planets in this solar system and to date NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has discovered over a thousand Exoplanets (planets orbiting other stars). The naming of the planets around the Sun however is no coincidence and is a perfect example of Yurugu’s hegemonic nature—all of the planets around the star are named after Greek and Roman gods. Of course this is fitting for them.

Group Assignment: Discuss with your classmates the traits of the planets around the Sun, including Pluto, and together rename the planets from an Afrikan-Centered perspective. Discuss chapter 4-6.

Homework: Read Chapters 7-9. Journal thoughts. Communicate with classmates via phone, internet, kwk to discuss the names of the planets.


Week 4

Critical/Creative/Centered Thinking Exercise

Students will be given time to explain why they chose the names.

Discuss chapters 7-9

Homework: Read Chapters 10-12. Journal thoughts.

Watch a SciFi movie of your choice (the movie has to be approved by your parents and I strongly encourage you to watch the movie with your parents). Journal thoughts. Be prepared to tell other students your thoughts on the movie for next class.


Suggested Movies: PUMZI, Interstellar, Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes, Inception, Children of Men, Avatar, kwk


Week 5

Critical/Creative/Centered Thinking Exercise

Students will be given time to discuss the movies they watched.

Discuss chapters 10-12

Homework: Read Chapters 13-15. Journal thoughts.

Watch “10 Scientific Breakthroughs That Will Change The World” on Youtube. Choose one of the breakthroughs and write a journal entry describing how you feel this technology could be used by Afrikan people to gain power?


Week 6

Critical/Creative/Centered Thinking Exercise

Each student will be given time to share their thoughts on the video and elaborate on how they think the breakthrough they chose could be used to move Afrikan people toward sovereignty.

Discuss chapter 13-15 and journal entries.

Homework: Identify three items in your household that are in common use today but at one point were just concepts in the world of Science Fiction.  Journal thoughts.


Week 7

Critical/Creative/Centered Thinking Exercise

Topic: With advancements in technology, in the future Afrikans will be able to venture further into the cosmos: building colonies on other worlds, mining asteroids, kwk.

Question: What will survival preparedness look like in a futuristic setting? Give students time to journal their thoughts followed by discussion.

Discuss journal entries.


Homework: Begin writing creative response to: What is your vision of Afrikan Sovereignty?


Week 8

Critical/Creative/Centered Thinking Exercise

Topic: The idea of texting and live video was once limited to the speculative worlds of SciFi but is now used daily. In the future there are sure to be advancements in these technologies such as holograms.

Question: How will this type of technology positively or negatively affect social relationships among Afrikan people?

Discuss the status of creative writing assignment.

Homework: Continue working on creative response to: what is your vision of Afrikan Soverignty.


Week 9

Critical/Creative/Centered Thinking Exercise

Topic: How can SciFi be used to stimulate an economic system for Afrikan people?


Journal entry

Homework: Continue working on creative expression: What is your vision of Afrikan Sovereignty?



Week 10

Critical/Creative/Centered Thinking Exercise

Creative expressions: What is your vision of Afrikan Sovereignty?




  • THE BOOK OF PHOENIX by Nnedi Okorafor

  • Notebook or journal

  • Kuumba

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