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AUGUST 21, 2016

Black Science Fiction:

Imagining Afrikan Sovereignty

Taught by Baba Tyehimba Kafele

What does the future hold for a people whose children dream the dreams of their enemies, whose imagination is trapped inside an anti-Afrikan worldview? What vision of Afrikan Sovereignty can Afrikan children have if they can't imagine a world outside of one who's sole purpose is appropriating resources for European and Asian domination? Black Science Fiction: Imagining Afrikan Sovereignty is about challenging Afrikan children and adults to free their imagination from the conceptual traps of Afrika's enemies, and use their imagination as a weapon to build a better world for future generations of Afrikan people. This course is intended to inspire the necessary creativity based on speculative fiction, to be the conceptual blueprint of a world in which Afrikan's rule.

The purpose of this course is to explore the genre of Black Science Fiction as a means to accomplish these primary goals:


1.) Kuumba-To inspire new and imaginative ideas and solutions for Afrikan Sovereignty. (Students will be required to document their thoughts in a journal.) 


2.) To be a catalyst for more in depth discussions on new advancements in technology and how these technologies will effect Afrikan people. Technologies that will be discussed include but are not limited to: space technology. (i.e. exploring other planets, satellites, kwk), cloning and genetic modification, artificial intelligence, kwk. (Students will be required to read supplemental articles.)


3.) To analyze SciFi or Speculative Fiction from an Afrikan Centered perspective and determine which ideas are consistent or inconsistent  with an Afrikan Worldview.  


4.) To critically analyze the European Worldview projected in SciFi movies and also understand the relationship between the movies and the present state of New Europe. Topics to be discussed are the relationships between SciFi movie trends and new and developing markets (i.e. Zombie movies and survival equipment sales)


5.) To complete an essay (at least two pages) answering the following question: What is your vision of Afrikan Sovereignty?

Tomorrow is pregnant, who knows what it will deliver? ~ Igbo Proverb

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