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Nana Akosua Boatemaa

Nana Akosua Boatemaa is an Ɔkomfoɔ (traditional priestess) of the Akan Bono Akɔm tradition from Takyiman, Brong Ahafo  region, Ghana.  Nana Akosua’s journey into priesthood  began over 20 years ago, after she was invited to an Afrikan  spiritual ceremony by a friend.  It was then that she realized that she would be more than a visiting spectator. 
 Nana was graduated as an Ɔkomfoɔ in 2006.  She has made frequent trips to Ghana and lived there for 2 years and, as a result, has gained great knowledge and experience through her visits to shrines and sacred sites throughout the country.  Nana Akosua is also a registered nurse and holistic health practitioner.  Her  work in healthcare has broadened her awareness of the healing needs of her people and has increased her passion to

be a source of assistance.  Through the Afrikan traditions of her beloved ancestors, and the wisdom and power of the divinities she serves, Nana is a vessel for healing and  enlightenment for her community.  Nana Akosua has lived, worked and studied in Washington, DC and Ghana, West Afrika.  She currently resides in Silver Spring, MD where she continues to develop her priesthood duties and care for her family.



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