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Click on the Video to play the "Message to the Warriors" 2017 Open House Presentation  



Message to the Warriors

Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

 This course is about what it means to be an accountable Afrikan Warrior in an invasive, anti-Afrikan reality.  It is an introduction to the standard of warriorhood which was set by our Ancestors and passed onto us as being the only righteous way for us to live.  Given our current situation, it is about the height to which we must rise in order to righteously be who we are as our people’s frontline, as well as to gain and maintain the respect of our fellow warriors.   We are at war.  And, because these hostilities will continue for some time to come, it’s about the mentality and power you must develop and have in order to be able to bring your children up in the warrior’s way.  Therefore, in this course, we will define what a Warrior is, what a nation is and the relation of the two.  Along with this, we will discuss, specifically, who the Warrior’s enemies are.  Furthermore, we will address the Warrior’s correct behavior and attitude within and outside of the community,  personal  appearance,  choice of words,  selection and commitment to complements,  state of preparedness,  action orientation, accountability to each other, our nation and Ancestors,  educational aspirations and life’s rules.



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