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Mama Evelyn Duduyemi

I am an educator who is dedicated to helping students achieve mastery of the fundamental academic subjects so that they will be able and willing to take on the responsibility of helping Afrikans to achieve Sovereignty.

I hold a Bachelor of Science from Spelman College where I majored in Physics and Minored in Mathematics. After graduation I joined the Physics Education Research Group at Spelman where I continued the research I began as student and increased my understanding of how to help students achieve mastery in math and science. I also studied at the Montessori Institute of Atlanta where I gained important insight into the development of young children.

I am the Director of Kibolebole Educational Institute and the Mathematics Instructor at AYA Educational Institute, both based in Atlanta, GA.I am mother of eleven year old Ayodele and three year old Aperin. I have been wife to Baoku for 17 years. I look forward to participating in your child's education.

Contact Information


Phone: 404-064-8942

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