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Ena Akua


Akwaaba! Wezon! Karibu! Welcome!... and greetings to all you ena (mamas), agya (fathers) and mmofra (children). I am ena Akua and I teach the Introduction to the Caribbean and Her People course. Born and raised in the Caribbean on the small, twin-island state called Antigua & Barbuda, I’ve lived in Barbados, Bermuda, Canada and the U.S. I’m an Accountant by training with over 20 years experience in accounting and auditing, but teaching is my first love. Coming from a line of career educators, I’ve been blessed to teach Introduction to Macroeconomics, Caribbean Studies, and Introduction to Auditing for the past four years. A pan-Afrikan to the core! I’m committed to increasing the unity between Afrikans worldwide through education and positive collaboration towards the inevitable re-ascension of our people. Yɛbɛdi nkonim (We will be victorious)!

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