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Baba Kindu Shabazz

Baba Kindu Shabazz. 1/3 of the Hip Hop radical Organization known as, The Black Anger Movement [black-art-no-gimmicks-evolving-revolution] and of the duo, Bedroom Produksions with his brother, DJ Sayeed….. just google it and check the history.  Community and  grass-root organizing in the Seattle – Tacoma Washington area (founding the Black Family Foundation, an active participant in the Seattle Kwanzaa Planning Committee, Kemet Temple, Nation of Islam 'Muhammad Study Group', Pan African Youth Student Movement, Tacoma Local Organizing Committee, and the Each 1 Teach 1 Study Group), Kindu now resides in Prosser City aka Richmond, VA. Father to 6 children and Married to Adia Blackmon Shabazz. Today, he is still dedicated to the proper education and liberation of Afrikan children, families and oppressed people. 

Since moving to Richmond, he still remains active. In September '05, he established the Richmond Kwanzaa Kollective, organized a Black History Month Lecture Series, which involved such prominent Afrikan Centered scholars such as Runoko Rashidi, and Ashra and Merira Kwesi, and Senghor Baye El of U.N.I.A., facilitated Hip Hop 101 Forums at Virginia State University, as well as working with For The People Alliance, a Grassroot coalition dedicated to Conscious development of Afrikan people, Co-Founding with his wife Umoja Temple (practicing spiritual and cultural rituals forming an interfaith connection adhering to various Afrikan systems, A member of National Shrine of Afrikans in American (NSAA). For 9 years, Bro. Kindu and his wife, Adia, have facilitated Black Marriage Day RVA an annual program dedicated to celebrating and supporting Black marriages through marriage educational workshops, again doing nationbuilding work with his wife to form Fahodi Shule Homeschool Cooperative who’s mission is to properly educate their children as well as other children and families in the conscious community using an Afrikan Centered curriculum. More recently, Bro Kindu, known to many youth in the community as Baba Kindu, co-facilitated Richmond’s first Maafa Kebuka Afrikan Spirituality Ritual and Convocation in 2014, as a member of Ankobea Abusua Society – NSAA Richmond Abusua Kuo. In 2015, Kindu became a member of the Council of Independent Black Institutions and for the past two years has served as the co-facilitator of the renewed C.I.B.I. Science & Academic Expo.  Lastly, still promoting traditional True School Hip Hop culture, he co-hosts The Bum Rush Show on WDCE 90.1 FM in Richmond VA that airs Friday nights!

Don’t Sleep!  Baba Kindu is the example of what it means when stating, “Organizing is the New Cool”


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