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Afrikan Agriculture:
The Original Permaculture



Week 1: Building Blocks-- Soil types, characteristics,


Week 2-4: Biology—Soil food web, beneficial insects and pests, plant family


Week 5 & 6: Chemistry--- NPK analysis, Essential oils,


Week 7 & 8: Astronomy---Gardening by the Moon


Week 9: Physics: Simple & Compound Machines, Leaf Chromatography,


Week 10: Show me your Kuumba---Express yourself. Utilize your talent to show what you learned


You will be assessed in a variety of ways. In this course, we will use the typical numerical grading system, rubrics, and performance-based assessments. The student will self-assess and the Mwalimu will assess the student. Mastery, application, and having fun exploration is key in this course.

microscope                                          graduated cylinder                  notebook

hand lens, magnifying lens                coffee filter                              pencil

gardening tools                                   binder clip                                color pencils

garden area                                         rosemary

common kitchen equipment            alcohol

spinach leaf                                         soil testing kit  


** you can find soil testing kits at Home Depot or Walmart/ Microscopes at teacher stores, Walmart, or thrift stores                                 


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