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Week 1 (9/25): Chapters- “The Way We Were” and “Losing Sight” (pp.15-27)

Week 2 (10/2): Chapters- “Inculcating Good Character,” "Misguided
               Socialization,” "Discipline” and “Self-Discipline” 

Week 3 (10/9): Chapters- “Manufacturing Slaves, Murdering Minds,”
                Miseducation and Diseducation,” “Yurugu’s Workless Ethic,” “Thinking”
                and “More Thinking” (pp.165-198)

Week 4 (10/16): Chapters- Educators, Teachers and Programmers”, “The
              Qualities of Educators” and “True Educators” (pp.279-318)

Week 5 (10/23): Chapters- “Solutions:  The Communiversity Concept” and
              “Solutions:  Boarding Schools” (


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