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Each of these lecture/discussions is taken from writings in the Mentacide, negroes and other essays, Eureason and Clarity books.  They were selected because of their relevance to the awareness we must have on the frontline as Warriors and Warriors-in-Training now.  “Bearings” was chosen because we should know how our Ancestors geographically saw the world and our Motherland and why this understanding has necessarily been twisted upside down by yurugu.  “The Cultural Continuum” was chosen because of our misperceptions about the conditions that yurugu lived in traditionally, even after encountering the rest of us.  “Uprooted…Again” was chosen because of the invasive national destabilizing, displacing process of regentrification which is ravaging our communities.  “The Hunt Is On” was chosen because we need to be aware of the magnitude and pervasiveness state of the ongoing assault of the criminal justice system against Afrikan people here and globally.  And “Black Capital” is an attempt to bring truth to the idea of the probability and possibility of economic parity between Afrikans and yurugu in the capitalistic economic order.  There is enough confusion about the state of Afrikan people and what yurugu is.  So, each of these lecture/discussions is designed to challenge us to think at a higher historical, and more truthful, more commonsensically grounded, ourstorical, level as we do the serious, pragmatic work of making Afrikan people sovereign.

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