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Class 1: Informal Discussion with students


Class 2. Will Mass Incarceration intensify African Resistance?


Class 3: Why be Spiritual without embracing the African Fighting Spirit?


Class 4. Having the strongest level of comfort and understanding with Revolution.


Class 5: Why are former colonizers and captors discussing poverty and violence?


Class 6: How Africans in the diaspora approach living and working on the ground in Africa.


Class 7: How Africans have approached Capitalism and Socialism past and present.


Class 8: How Africans at home and abroad have approached justice and power.

Class 9: How the decolonization process guides genuine African resistance.


Class 10: How Humanity benefits from Mother Africa no longer being raped and plundered.


Class 1: The Harlem Renaissance, Black Arts Movement and Anti Colonial Cultural Resurrection


Class 2: Songs celebrating excellence and resistance.


Class 3: Paintings celebrating excellence and resistance


Class 4: Films celebrating excellence and resistance


Class 5: Dancing celebrating excellence and resistance


Class 6: Art that has co-opted our resistance


Class 7: How greed has co-opted our art and culture


Class 8. How our former colonizers and captors have attempted to manipulate our cultural and political expression


Class 9. Our artistic expression becoming more defiant


Class 10. Our cultural and artistic growth


Our students will be required to write essays, take pop quizzes and conduct sociological experiments that compliment our focus and material selected for this class.

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