Motherland Immersion Part 1 Focus Areas

Motherland Immersion Part 2 Focus Areas

  • Geography (Ghana)

  • Basic Twi language

  • Culture: Afrikan food / Traditional Herbs / Agriculture 

  • Let’s Explore! My Neighborhood, Ghana Organic Farms, Centre for Plant Medicine Research, Madina Traditional Marketplace, Kweku Andoh Sustainability Institute (KASI)  & more!

Motherland Immersion Part 3 Focus Areas

  • Culture: Cultural Arts: Afrikan Dance, Drum, Music (Traditional & Contemporary),

  • Infrastructure: Roads/Transportation, Airports, Traditional/Eco-homes 

  • Let’s Explore! Community Traditional Drum & Dance, The National Theatre of Ghana, National Museum of Ghana, Artisan Marketplace

Motherland Immersion Part 4 Focus Areas

  • Culture: Political System - Basic political structure, Secret Societies

  • Afrikan Children: Education/Schools, Girls-Boys Rites, Youth-based Initiatives 

  • Repatriation Checklist for Youth 

  • Let’s Explore! Ancestral Wall in Pram Pram, National Museum of Ghana, Golden Jubilee House (Presidential Palace), Kwame Nkrumah Memorial & more! 

  • Ourstory

  • Geography (Continent)

  • Basic Twi language

  • Culture: Indigenous Spiritual Practice (Akan)

  • Let’s Explore! Aburi Botanical Gardens, Akan Ɔkomfo Innerview, Atlantic Ocean & more!