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Class 1 - Intro, Site Evaluation, Tools
Many people fear that their food sources are not secure or don’t have what it takes to grow where they live. Does your home have the attributes needed
to grow the fruits or vegetables that you want? Do you have the necessary
tools to begin creating produce from the comfort of your home or
neighborhood? This intro class will give you a complete understanding of
how to choose the best site for your garden.

Class 2 - Soil, Composting and Fertilizers
Now that you have determined the site, let’s look at the soil needs. Feed the
soil and the soil will feed you. Weak and malnourished soil means weak and
malnourished produce. This class will examine composting, fertilizers and
soil amendments to stimulate the health and growth of your plants.

Class 3 Water, The Ultimate Fertilizer and Planting By The Moon
It goes without saying that without water there is no life of any kind, therefore water is the ultimate fertilizer. 70% of all fresh water is used for agriculture! In this class you will learn the earth and the moon’s secret relationship and how it effects water and life on our planet. You will also learn when and how to water.

Class 4 Seeds and The Life of A Plant
Did you know that seeds are the living link between generations of plants?
How do you store and save seeds? Do you understand the life cycle of
plants? This class will illustrate the true value of seeds and the life cycle of

Class 5Garden Installation
The final class explains the planting process from beginning to end. We will
also explain how to install a raised bed. After this class you will be “green
thumb” certified and ready to say, “Lets Grow!”

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