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Week 1: Materia Medica: How to start your own.
Week 2: Ethiopian Spices and Herbs

Week 3: Herbs of Ghana

Week 4: South African Healing System

Week 5: Jamaican Home Remedies

Week 6: Haitian Postpartum Healing Traditions

Week 7: Bush Medicine of Belize

Week 8: African Influence in Brazilian Tradition Medicine

Week 9: Spirituality and Plant Medicine

Week 10: Show & Tell Your 30-Herb Materia Medica

We will read and discuss excerpts from: 

*"Basic Herbs for Health and Healing" by Rashan Abdul Hakim, Rudy Duckett


*"In the Shadow of Slavery: Africa's Botanical Legacy in the Atlantic World" by Judith Carney 


*"Herbs of Ghana" by O. B. Dokosi

*and more! (All readings will be provided to students)


Material Needed:

Index cards, 3 ring binder, notebook and/or sketch pad, pencil, color pencils, crayons. 

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