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Afrikan Manhood

Syllabus and Materials


WEEK 1: "Who Am I?" - (Hwehwe Mu Dua/Nuk Pn Nuk)  Defining who you are; Self Knowledge; Images of Self; What defines Afrikan Manhood; Control of Thoughts.


WEEK 2: Review of assignments - Provide examples of what Values, History, Traditions, and Cultural Precepts that You Recognize and Practice.


WEEK 3: I Change, I Transform - (Sesa Wo Suban) Embracing and Understanding the Transformative stages in life; Physiological Changes; Masculine Character Development; Rejection of Childhood; Control of Actions.

WEEK 4: Review of assignments - Provide examples of Self Perception and areas of Personal Development.


WEEK 5: Afrikan Affirmations  - (Nyansasem) Connections to Ankhcestral Wisdom; Quotes & Proverbs; Embracing Affirmations for Self; Ability to be Taught the Truth; Devotions to Purpose.


One Week Break

WEEK 6: The Afrikan Family - (Abusua/Abet) Family; Ethnic Group; Cultural Identity - Umoja; The Need and/or Purpose of Belonging; Armor Bearing; Ability to Assimilate the Truth.


WEEK 7: Review of assignments - Define your role within Family; Identify Responsibilities to Self, Siblings & Parent(s); Provide the Understanding of Ujamaa - Collective work and responsibility.


WEEK 8: Engaging Community - (Maat) Being Aware of and Knowing the Concepts of Social Order; Participating with and/or connecting with Mentu Ra (Counsel - Guidance - Instruction) with a Community Business or Organization. 


WEEK 9: Review of assignments - Provide the Understanding and Importance of Ujimaa - Cooperative Economics; Identify Your Relation with Leadership in the Community.

WEEK 10: Coming Forth - (Prt M Atem) Wielding the Truth; Fawohodie Gathering and Community Recognitions for class participants.




  • A notebook for taking notes and journaling

  • PC/Laptop with Webcam and Microphone

  • All study material will be supplied by Instructor

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