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Speaking, Thinking, and Dreaming Afrikan:

Pan-Afrikanism Through the Akan (Twi) Language

Taught by Yaw Agbede

Click to lIsten to Baba Yaw Agbede's Class Presentation for this Course

 In this 10-week course we will learn basic conversational skills in the Akan (Twi) language of West Afrika as a means to understanding the deep cultural unity that binds all Afrikans the world over culturally, spiritually, and linguistically. Although we will use mainly the Twi language, the goal of the course is to transcend the local boundaries of any particular ethnic expression in order to arrive at a collective expression of THE Afrikan worldview as articulated by Clarke, Diop, Armah, Kamalu, Ani, and many others. The revolution will not be anglicized! Let's learn to speak, think, and dream Afrikan!

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