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Week 1: Introductory to Survival/Preparedness  -- Defining Survival & Preparedness; Understanding the Psychology of Survival and the Importance of a Positive Mindset; Creating a Survival Binder.


Week 2: Afrikan Concepts the Source of Your Survival -- Embracing Historical Elements of Afrikan Survival; Knowing Who is on Your Team


Week 3: Skill vs Gear -- Planning & Prepping; Knowing the Importance of, Everyday Carry & 72 Hour Kits...  


Week 4: Urban Survival -- Staying put/Bugging in; Disaster readiness; Emergency Plans and Family Home Planning.


Week 5: Rural Survival -- Bugging out; Wilderness Survival; Knowing your surroundings; The 5 w's of Survival   


One Week Break

Week 6: Water/Food Security & Sovereignty -- Planning for Food Security and Prepping for Food Sovereignty 


Week 7: Team Skill Building -- A Focus on Building and Developing Your Survival Skills. (Working with others, learning how to communicate, delegate & Lead)


Week 8: Maintaining Your Survival Plan -- Working with Your Survival Plan; Knowing how to wield the truth.


Week 9: Liberation Strategies -- Survival Plan Review & Creating a Practical Survival Application with Seven Principles


Week 10: Class Finale -Putting it all Together -- Class presentations

Afrikan Family

Survival & Preparedness

Syllabus & Materials



  • A notebook for taking notes and journaling

  • PC/Laptop with Webcam and Microphone

  • All study material will be supplied by Instructor

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