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Baba Samora



 My name is Samora Sobukwe-SoDaye’ and I grew up in a small town in Etta, Mississippi with my parents and nine sisters and brothers. I and my siblings were homeschooled from k-12th grade. Upon successfully completing my homeschool education, I attended college and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Studies and History. I am now the Founder and Director of Unique Seminars, LLC.  

Over the past 17 years, I have taught basic entrepreneurship principles to students, worked with youth in public and private education, led and participated in community based projects, served as Economic Development coordinator in various institutions, and am a homeschool educator and published author.

I have participated in numerous conferences and workshops throughout the United States presenting on topics such as Economic Development in the community, Youth Leadership and Empowerment, Goal Setting, and preparing the next generation for success.  In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree I also have a Master of Teaching Economics and Master of Teaching Entrepreneurship Education Certifications.


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